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I can't remember how I first found out about Who Gives A Crap but it came in really handy early this year. Our household seem to be constantly running out of toilet paper even though we picked up a bunch every week. We eventually had to downgrade from Quilton to homebrand- which if you've used them before, you know it's really not that great. I can't believe I'm promoting toilet paper right now but this has really changed my life. I also reaaaally appreciate and enjoy all the toilet/bum jokes.

Firstly, this is why Who Give A Crap is great. WGAC started because the founders wanted to make a difference in this world. So many people do not have access to a toilet. Poor sanitation causes diarrhoea related diseases that fill over half of sub-Saharan African hospital beds and kill 900 children under 5 every day. Half of WGAC's profits goes straight to WaterAid, and organisation that implements sanitation projects throughout the world. Every roll of toilet paper you buy provides someone with access to a toilet for a week! All products made by WGAC is 100% recycled. It is super-soft, super strong, and so good for the environment.

Who Gives A Crap | @whogivesacraptp

So how has it change my life? A toilet paper subscription. Yep, it's exactly what it sounds like. Others have magazine subscriptions, or beauty boxes, I have a TP subscription. For a household of 3 adults, with regular guests, we have not run out of toilet paper since our first 48 Double Length Rolls delivery back in March. We have about 10 rolls to go, which means we only really need a new delivery every 16 weeks- this of course can be changed depending on your needs. $48 for 4 months worth of toilet paper = $12/month + benefits of world change.

You can probably tell that I love things that are beautifully designed. To have such beautifully packaged toilet paper on display in out toilets makes me so happy. What is usually hidden away, I can now put on display proudly. Ha! I also love that they have a couple of 'Emergency Rolls' in there to warn you that you're running low on TP and should check that you have a new delivery on it's way. Not having to worry that you'll run out of toilet paper EVER is a pretty great feeling.

So there we go, I can now check off 'Promote toilet paper' off the bucket list (ha). I love Who Gives A Crap and what they're all about. I wouldn't be writing this other wise. To all my Australian friends, if you fancy ordering yourself some toilet paper, head on over to their website (free shipping on most orders over $30)!