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Just like any other day of my life, I was on my phone going through my Instagram feed. This time, a little post by a local design studio The Little Press caught my eye. I spontaneously decided, there and then, on a sleepy Wednesday afternoon, to commit to a brush lettering workshop that's held only 3 days away. From the time I set foot in the studio, I knew I was in for a treat! 

The studio is beautiful - definitely something I wish I could have for myself in the future. Our working space for the day was a beautiful long wooden table, complete with flowers and greens and candles. Emily, the owner, was such a lovely girl. So down to earth and so passionate about her creative endeavours - inspiring. My biggest take away from her little spiel: Keep practising, don't get caught up in the latest trends. Keep doing your own thing, keep creating what you love to create. I really love meeting creative people that are genuinely passionate about their work and not just out to earn big bucks.

Side track a little, I grew up in the mega high-achieving city of Singapore for 17 years. It's always been about studying really hard, getting a good job, then marriage and kids. If that's what you want, there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, growing up all I've ever wanted to do was that because that's what my parents had as well. But as I got older and took the time to figure out what my passions are, I realised the regular structured life is not really for me.

Yes, if I earn big bucks I can live comfortably and probably solve about 80% of all my worries. But I would rather I take risks and get to a point where I live off toast and soup. Eventually I bounce back, and get back to a comfortable point. You'd think I'd learn and play it safe, but no. I find myself wanting more, seeking more adventure, wandering into unknown territories. That's when I have the most fun.

We were shown how the brush pens work, briefly explained CMYK, then we got to mix our color of choice for the morning. Then it's straight to doodling to get a feel of how it's like to use a brush pen. I found it quite difficult at the start and couldn't quite get the hang of it. It felt like I'm learning how to write all over again. I did eventually (kinda) got the hang of it and managed to create something I actually like. Funny enough, the thing I struggled the most with was to come up with a quote or sentence that I could practice with. I should probably write some down and have them handy for future reference! I've only ever used a brush tip sharpie or a regular sharpie when I'm doing hand lettering so to be able to finally get my hand on a brush pen was such a great moment. I love how unpredictable the colors turn out on a page and the watercolour 'effect'.

I had such a lovely 3 hours in the studio doodling my heart out. I met some really beautiful people at the workshop as well. So good to network and meet other local creatives. If you're remotely interested in brush lettering, I highly recommend that you check these guys out! It was definitely a great start to the weekend, and a great way to round up the month of October. Seriously, how crazy is it that it is already November?!

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