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September has been a hectic month. It is now week 8 of the semester and I'm getting slightly nervous. That can only mean many hours spent in the photography studio at university working on assignments. I threw up at an engagement party I attended and was out of action for an entire week sick following that. Thank goodness I made it to the bathroom in time! On that note, here's some of my favourite moments this month amidst the craziness.

1. BIRKENSTOCKS! I don't even know if they're cool anymore, or if they've ever been cool, but I have a new found love for Birkenstocks. They look a bit more presentable than thongs (or flip-flops) and make the perfect footwear to dress down an outfit. I have the plain black pair with a single strap across and I've been pairing them with both skinny jeans rolled up and with dresses. ASOS carries a small selection of designs, but I think you're better off going into your local store or go onto the official website. Also, Bruce the bruise happened just two days ago. I tripped over my own feet while jogging. End of story. 

Birkenstock MADRID BLACK

2. I have been browsing and contemplating a pair of Shevoke sunnies for a good couple months, and this month I finally caved and purchased a pair. I opted for this rose gold pair and I am absolutely in love! Everything about this pair of sunnies is just perfect, from the color, to the fit and the shape. I have a pretty average-slightly larger than average sized head so I generally do not have too much trouble with the size of sunglasses. Before taking the plunge and purchasing a pair, I suggest having a look on their Instagram page for photos of real people wearing the product to get an idea of how it will look like on yourself.

Shevoke  LUXE - Gold 

3. Speaking of rose, I have a new rose scented skincare discovery. It is a facial spray with aloe, herbs and rosewater. It is great for a boost of hydration throughout the day, or for use before/after make up. I have been using this as a makeup setting spray and I find that it really helps keep everything in place much longer. If I have an extra long day, I'll pop this in my bag/car and use it throughout the day when I get a bit tired. I've seen many other facial sprays but they cost so much money! This is by far the most affordable one I've come across - and it works wonders!

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs & Rosewater

4. I saved the best for last: This is potentially the BIGGEST highlight of this year so far. I am officially an Australian permanent resident!!!! Only took SIX YEARS from the day the visa application was first lodged and the day it was approved. I AM STOKED BEYOND WORDS. Australia, You're stuck with me forever. I am here to stay!

Apologies for the lack of updates on here recently, I'll be back here on a regular basis once things at uni settles down a little bit. Follow me on Instagram @zooetan to see what I'm up to while I'm not blogging. HELLO OCTOBER. x


I love buying sunglasses, I love wearing them, I love collecting them. Because I don't wear a lot of jewellery, sunglasses are the easiest way for me to change up the look of an outfit. Plus, it's always sunny in Perth so we're hardly ever without a pair! My favourites are definitely my Quay Australia ones. I hunted down the clear pair on the Internet for weeks while it was out of stock on their website. 

L - R

KOMONO Urkel | Ray Ban Clubmaster Aluminum Polarised | Princess Polly Hot Stone (Black) | Quay Australia My Girl | 

Quay Australia Isabell (Pink) | Quay Australia Kosha (Clear) | ASOS Round Sunglasses With Metal Bridge High Bar & Flash Lens


The Princess Polly pair (p/s: dupe for the Karen Walker Harvest) and/or my Ray Bans live in my car (yes, as a back up) since they go with pretty much any outfit. A free tip: Ray Bans are so much cheaper on Amazon! The ASOS pair is my most recent purchase. I really like the design but it's just not sitting quite right. This is my second ASOS (sunglasses) purchase and I have come to the conclusion that they suit people with smaller heads/faces much better.

And there we go, my sunglasses collection. Now get shopping!! ;)