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Apologies for then super late monthly highlights! I semi-decided that I would do a Nov/Dec combined highlights because while lots happened in November, (1) not many were photograph-able things e.g. I finished uni, or (2) I just wanted to have a good ol time and not lug my camera around e.g my 23rd birthday. But while I was doing a bit of a clean up of my room and work area, I was hit with ideas and inspiration. So here we go!

1. THIS NECKLACE. I was given this as a thank you by the designer herself after I helped out with a photoshoot. I spotted this at the start of the photoshoot and I immediately fell in love! Needless to say, when I found out at the end of the day that I could pick out something I liked, I went for this without hesitation. I don't usually wear big chunky necklaces but when it is something THIS gorgeous, I just can't help myself. I wore this to my graduation exhibition a few days ago with a plain black playsuit and it was completely changed up my look. I love it!

Qamar Designs Cleo Necklace

2. I turned 23! I decided that I was going to just enjoy myself on my birthday and not lug a camera around trying to capture my day. I had a good ol time and a surprise night out. Can't believe I was being played all day and had no clue! I spent the next 2 weeks having meals and little catch ups with different people to celebrate my birthday. Most presents were time, food & super thoughtful messages - ALL of which are things I love the most! I also received a few (unexpected) presents in the form of a beautiful bouquet of flowers + a LUSH shower jelly (ITS SO MUCH FUN IN THE SHOWER) and candles. The Paddywax candle smells amazing and the whole room smells of it even without the candle burning. Love, love, love!

Paddywax Mark Twain Library 2 Wick Tin Candle

3. I finished up 2 fragrances! YAY. It is very unlike me to finish up a product. But I've had to learn to stick with stuff as I've grown older because things cost money, and money doesn't just magically appear in my bank account. I've had Marc Jacobs Daisy for about 2 years and the CK One for her for about a year. Both I love using and will happily repurchase in the future.

4. In case you don't know, I design wedding invites! I received one of my designs in the post a few days ago and I was squealing as I opened the envelope! I am so happy with how they turned out (granted the text on the RSVP cards could've been bigger) and most importantly, the nearly-weds are happy. We decided to change the design two days before they had to go to print and I'm so glad we did!

And there we go, another month done and dusted! I have a style/fashion post that I really want to get done in December, more photos of the beautiful town of York and possibly a Christmas related DIY post I am hoping to put up as well. Stay tuned!! x