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I love making gifts because they are extra thoughtful and are one of a kind. There is just something special about creating something out of a bunch of random stuff. I even have a Pinterest board all about DIY projects - I am such a lame adult, I know! This year, I thought I'd make my own Christmas baubles as gifts for some of my friends. It was actually so simple to make and they turned out really nice! Just a heads up, it might get really messy. Glitter clings onto everything.

Here's what you need:

  1. Fillable baubles (plastic/glass)
  2. Something to fill the bauble with e.g. glitter and/or confetti
  3. Ribbon/twine of your choice for hanging
  4. Optional: Gift tags + Rubber stamp alphabets

P/S: If you live in Australia, you can get everything you need for this from both Riot and Spotlight. 

The very simple steps:

  1. Remove cap/open bauble
  2. Fill bauble with your choice of filling (TIP: create a 'funnel' with a piece of paper to make your life 10x easier)
  3. Put cap back one/close bauble
  4. String ribbon/twine through the top
  5. Optional: Attach hand written/stamped gift tags

I am so pleased with how they turned out. Can't wait to see them hung on the Christmas trees in all the different houses. Baubles are also a great gift because they are one of those things where people don't really throw out. Also, its a little reminder of you every Christmas when your friends put up their tree ;)

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