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Life has been pretty hectic the past month after I got back from Singapore, hence the lack of updates on this space. Things should slow down gradually and hopefully this space will get updated more regularly from now on. I'll try my best! 

A quick one today featuring a couple random things I have been loving over the past month. Enjoy!

 1. I've recently moved into a new rental, which means decorating a new bedroom! I am loving the current combination of white sheets, natural wood bed frame and the pops of green foliage. Because the room is pretty much white all around, it really is a breeze to decorate. Looking forward to putting on some bright and colourful sheets to change up this stark white room! On another note, big shout out to amazing friends that helped me move my crap from 10PM till past midnight after a LONG day of working/dealing with teenagers.

2. I was so excited when I was first introduced to Oscar Wylee's range of eyewear. As soon as my health insurance was sorted, I got my eyes tested and immediately ordered some sweet new glasses. As there were no showrooms in Perth, I made use of the home try-on service that OW provides. Basically, you pick up to 5 frames that you fancy, they mail it to you so you can physically try on the frames, then you decide which ones to go with. My final picks were the Winston frames in dark olive (top) and the Rocket frames in indigo tortoise (bottom). The Rocket frames come in so handy on sunny lazy days where I can't be bothered putting on my contact lenses! Plus for every pair of frames you purchase, you'll help provide someone in need access to affordable eyecare ;)

Oscar Wylee Winston | Oscar Wylee Rocket

3. I have been eyeing up these REPLICA by MMA fragrances for a couple years now but have never seen them sold anywhere - ever. Imagine my excitement when I found them tucked away on the end of the shelf, in the fragrance section, in Sephora while I was in Singapore. I must have stood in front of the display for 30 minutes smelling the entire range, then getting confused which sample was which, then starting over the entire process. Ha! After 2 separate trips to Sephora, I got both Beach Walk and Lazy Sunday Morning because I just could not give up either. They also have a few great scents for the men in your life, my favourite being 'At the Barber's'. These are available on the Sephora US site, but if you can find a way to get your hands on them, please do!

Maison Martin Margieal Beach Walk | Maison Martin Margieal Lazy Sunday Morning

4. I love mineral make up for many reasons, the biggest being that it doesn't break me out. I have been using the Bare Minerals original foundation for a couple years now and I still find myself reaching for it. Now that I've run out of my usual Mecca tinted moisturiser, I decided to make the switch to the BM equivalent. I am loving the finish it leaves on my skin, even on hotter days. It doesn't make me look oily while being a hydrating product, has a great shade range and it also provides a pretty decent coverage. All in all, I highly recommend!

bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Gel (in Ginger 6)

5. I picked up a tan leather wallet while in Singapore and a pair of gold slides a week ago. I've really been loving the brown leather/tortoise shell and gold combination on my choice of accessories/bags. It is such a timeless and classy combination in my opinion. Also, note the photobomb by the cutest border collie I now get to live with. Eeeep!

Daniel Wellington Classic St Mawes 36mm

And that's the end! It feels so great blogging and sharing my thoughts again. I'm off on another adventure this weekend so be sure to watch this space for some (hopefully) fun holiday photos!

Big love x