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About a week ago I had the absolute privilege of meeting Cassie, the #girlboss behind Inspirationery, an eco-friendly stationery label that donates 50% of profits to empowering women and girls through education and leadership programs. Aaaand I also had the absolute absolute privilege of photographing Inspirationery's brand new collection!

I'm so glad I came across Cassie's post in a Facebook group looking for a photographer, because I absolutely love what Inspirationery is all about: empowering all women. I am all about #girlpower, I am all about empowering young women and helping them discover their worth and find their purpose in life. It really was quite special.

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This is completely unplanned, but as I am writing up this blog post, I am also in the middle of looking up the statistics of bullying and suicide rates in Australia (for work, not just for fun). And it's put me in a bit of a poo-ey mood. But it's people like Cassie that gives me a little more hope in humanity, that reminds me that there are good ones out there that actually care. Anywaaaay...

I hope you enjoy the photos and show your support! You can shop the collection here!


It has been two years since I've visited Singapore, which also means it's been two years since I've last seen the people that I grew up with/around. I figured it was about time to go back and revisit my roots, and hopefully still be able to blend in. Spoiler alert: I stick out like a sore thumb with my half-Australian accent and (believe it or not) the way I dress. Anyway, I digress. Moving away has helped me realise who are the friends I'll keep for life, and the ones that are just a little bit too far out of reach. Some people drift away, and some stay close. It's part of life, it happens. Which is why this photoshoot was special.

Introducing Ming + Stacie. I've know Ming for about 10 years now. We went to high school together and he was also one of the very few people that actually made the trek down under to visit me. Stacie... Well, we were Instagram friends for a couple months before, but I've never actually met or spoken to her until the day before the photoshoot. We're equally short and have the same hairstyle - we were bound to get along! It was such a hot and humid and sweaty day, but these guys soldiered on out and about. We also popped into a free movie screening/exhibition for some free educational entertainment and air-conditioning. Thank you BOTH for being so cooperative and for being such troopers despite the heat. Congratulations on your first ever photoshoot! I hope this is the first of many to come in the future. ;)


Introducing...Chris + Robyn! I first met these guys in church about 18 months ago and have been friends ever since. We have so much in common it's ridiculous - from clothing to our jobs and even our furniture. In fact, Robyn & I were both dressed in the exact same outfit at this photoshoot! I'm so glad these guys like me enough to stick around and brought a whole lot of fun, laughter and two very great dogs, Schnitzel and Willis, into my life.

I really wanted these photos to capture their fun personalities and judging from the big smile I had the whole time while I was editing, I think I did pretty good. Ha! Joy literally oozes out of these photos. You could probably also tell that the dogs were pretty annoyed throughout the shoot - so much personality! I had a lot of fun hanging out and taking photos. Plus, we had burritos after. Does it get any better?!

Please please please check out Chris + Robyn's business Woodvine & Co! Robyn photographs and Chris does videography. I also make an occasional appearance behind the camera when they need a third set of hands. ;)

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