With the relaunch of my website, and Father's Day just round the corner here in Australia, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share some love. Over the past couple weeks, I have created 3 different Father's Day themed graphics just because. You can share these on social media on Fathers Day, frame these, or if you're a editing wiz, you can even overlay these on a photo of your Dad. Get creative! I just ask (very kindly) that you keep the signature intact. These are all hand lettered by yours truly, and were created with a lot of love.

Can't wait to see these your creative juices at work! If you're sharing them on Instagram, don't forget to tag me (@thezoeedit) and use the hashtag #thezoeedit so I can see your posts. X

Original Hero: Black/White


Happy Father's Day: Black/White

Zoe Tan