Hello, hi! I know it has been a little while since I shared the things I have been loving. Mainly because I haven't really had any in the past few months, but also because I haven't done heaps of shopping or tried new stuff until very recently. Life has also been life and I've had to deal with some personal stuff offline. But I'm back with a few new goodies and a few oldies (but still goodies)! Let's roll!

PINK EVERYTHING. I have really embraced the pink hues that have been everywhere since Rose Quartz was announced as the colour of the year. I have always been a fan of pinks on the coral end of the scale, but I have really embraced the feminine blush pinks this year. Of course, the colour isn't just the thing I love. That does help though, I am a sucker for nice packaging. Ha!

The espadrille sandals are from Rubi Shoes (sorry I can't find the exact pair online!) and are the comfiest things ever. I have them in black as well and, even though it's still not quite spring weather here in Aus, I've been wearing them non-stop!

The NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils are my favourite matte lip formulas EVER. I have a bright coral red (Red Square) and I recently purchased a pinky/brown shade (Bahama). It's not too over the top for a day look, but still great for a night out as well. LOVE!

On the skincare front, I have been trying out a few products from the brand Essano. It is an all natural, organic, plant-based, cruelty-free and all that (good) jazz brand from New Zealand. My favourite so far has to be the face moisturiser. It is super moisturising but still manages to keep my face somewhat matte, super handy on make up free days. I am currently trying out the cleanser and the exfoliator- so far so good! They also have a haircare range which I am very excited to try in the near future!

My Go-To Skincare package arrived yesterday and I can't even explain how happy I am to have these products back in my life! This time I only ordered my absolute favourites of the range: Face Hero and Exfoliating Swipeys. I wasn't able to repurchase them for a month or so and my face was acting up big time. I am pleased to announce that my skin is much happier after just one use of Face Hero last night. Go-To for the win! I just love everything about Go-To, and if you're a regular reader, you've heard me rave about these guys before. All natural skincare, none of that animal testing crap, great sense of humour, I'm all for it.

@gotoskincare | Go-To Skincare

This was my first ever denim jacket purchase! I have been looking for one that has that fur lining all throughout the body (at least) for absolutely ages, and then TopShop delivered the goods! It is so comfortable to wear, goes with absolutely anything and I just haven't really stopped wearing it since I bought it! It has been pretty much the only jacket that has appeared on my Instagram. Ha! I have this in a size 6 and there is still room for more layers underneath. I'm usually a size 6/8 top so I think the sizes do run a little bit big for this particular jacket. This was a real investment piece and I think the cost per wear for this would come down to nothing just this winter alone!

Wireless headphones have really changed my life. Gone are the days where I would be frantically trying to untangle earphone cables on the bus/plane so that I can avoid conversations with the world. These are the Kreafunk aHead, and I seriously love them to bits! Headphones usually give me a headache after an hour of wear, but I was editing a video with these on for 4 hours straight the other day and I was completely fine. I'm not a real sound kind of person so I would have no idea of the quality of sound etc etc, but in my opinion they sound great, look pretty on (and off) and are also super comfy to wear. Wins all round ;)


Wow that was long! I only have 5 minutes before I absolutely need to start getting ready for an event that I am photographing so I'm gonna dash. It's been fun folks, I'll see you again really soon! Big love, Zoe xx

Zoe Tan