About a week ago I had the absolute privilege of meeting Cassie, the #girlboss behind Inspirationery, an eco-friendly stationery label that donates 50% of profits to empowering women and girls through education and leadership programs. Aaaand I also had the absolute absolute privilege of photographing Inspirationery's brand new collection!

I'm so glad I came across Cassie's post in a Facebook group looking for a photographer, because I absolutely love what Inspirationery is all about: empowering all women. I am all about #girlpower, I am all about empowering young women and helping them discover their worth and find their purpose in life. It really was quite special.

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This is completely unplanned, but as I am writing up this blog post, I am also in the middle of looking up the statistics of bullying and suicide rates in Australia (for work, not just for fun). And it's put me in a bit of a poo-ey mood. But it's people like Cassie that gives me a little more hope in humanity, that reminds me that there are good ones out there that actually care. Anywaaaay...

I hope you enjoy the photos and show your support! You can shop the collection here!