On the last day of the trip, I broke off from the group and caught up with an old friend from Singapore. We've known each other since high school but we've never hung out. It was so great catching up in Sydney and reminiscing our high school days, chatting about life Down Under - I had a good ol' time. I've been dying to share these photos because of how much I loved exploring The Grounds and Newtown. It was probably my favourite day out and about in Sydney! It also felt really great exploring with a local and not having to rely on Google maps every step of the way. Ha!

1. The Grounds of Alexandria

This place is actual heaven on Earth. I love it so much!!! There are florals in every corner, piping hot donuts, fresh fruits, freshly baked bread, amazing desserts and just very aesthetically pleasing everything everywhere. If you're a Perth-ian, The Grounds is kinda like a mixture of The Mantle and Bread in Common, but with a lot more flowers and a lot cooler. I actually can't find the appropriate words to describe just how great this place is. It was a Saturday morning when I visited which really added to the atmosphere. I could wander round this place all day and not get bored! I would love to come back someday and experience The Grounds in the evening, wine and dine under the festoon lights.

The Grounds of Alexandria | @thegrounds

2. Black Star Pastry (Newtown)

Ah, the famous Strawberry Watermelon Cake! Maybe I've been living under a rock, I didn't even know this was a thing until I was in Sydney. I was a little bit skeptical of the combination of watermelon and cake at first, but I was pleasantly surprised after my first mouthful. It was light and fluffy and delicious. Definitely worth a trip down to Blackstar! The lemon/pistachio flavoured cake was pretty great too. To my fellow Perthies, Black Star Pastry (PLUS N2 Gelato) is available at the Night Noodles Market in Elizabeth Quay (30 March - 10 April)!

Black Star Pastry | @blackstarpastry

3. Brewtown Newtown

The last stop of the day was Brewtown. It was pretty damn packed but we managed to get seats for 2 right away. We stopped in here for a break from shopping, but most importantly to grab a delicious cronut (croissant x donut). Hit the spot. There is also a cool little shop upstairs that stocks some really great stuff that I cannot afford. Ha!

Brewtown Newtown | @brewtownnewtown

And that concludes my Sydney travel diaries. It's been really fun getting to visit Singapore then Sydney one after the other. Looking forward to spending some time at home and make some dreams happen. See you soon! Xxxx