Introducing...Chris + Robyn! I first met these guys in church about 18 months ago and have been friends ever since. We have so much in common it's ridiculous - from clothing to our jobs and even our furniture. In fact, Robyn & I were both dressed in the exact same outfit at this photoshoot! I'm so glad these guys like me enough to stick around and brought a whole lot of fun, laughter and two very great dogs, Schnitzel and Willis, into my life.

I really wanted these photos to capture their fun personalities and judging from the big smile I had the whole time while I was editing, I think I did pretty good. Ha! Joy literally oozes out of these photos. You could probably also tell that the dogs were pretty annoyed throughout the shoot - so much personality! I had a lot of fun hanging out and taking photos. Plus, we had burritos after. Does it get any better?!

Please please please check out Chris + Robyn's business Woodvine & Co! Robyn photographs and Chris does videography. I also make an occasional appearance behind the camera when they need a third set of hands. ;)

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